A realized dream:  Skyreach 4 MINI

I used to travel for work. My hobby was participation in LAN events across the U.S.A. Gaming laptops didn't work for me, and it was nightmareish transporting my micro-ATX case. Ten years ago I dreamt of a "console PC." It needed to be strong, lightweight, more powerful than a laptop, and beautiful. Awake from this dream to the Skyreach 4 MINI.

Zebrawood and Aluminum Computer.JPG

Passionately crafted.

Nine years of passionate iteration combine with the best materials, manufacturing, and finishing techniques to produce an heirloom.

Modder Friendly.

Every detail of the S4M has been designed with modularity and customization in mind. There are templates and aids available for your own planning. Download the 3D model.

tiny computer S4M MINI.jpg

Actually mini-ITX.

Mini-ITX deserves minimalism.  The patented 5L MINI weighs merely 1.1KG and has exactly enough room for exactly what you need.

Vibrant Community.

The MINI has a cult following of friendly fans that defy forum stereotypes. Regardless if you have one question or mini, it will be answered fast! Visit the forums.

Powerful possibilities.

Superb venting, a unique layout, modular components, and support for 215mm GPUs make the possible performance per liter metric pop. View configurations.

Ample Accessories.

The S4M launches with luxurious hand-crafted custom accessories, with more being added in the rotation over time. Make your MINI truly not from concentrate. Shop the shop.