C6 AC Inlet


C6 AC Inlet

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Grounded AC Power entry for Brickless MINIs

If you are building a "brickless" MINI these quality Schurter "AC power entry modules" are the best way to get power from the wall into your chassis.

Although any chassis can be modded to accept these “C6” AC inlets, the 2019 S4M has a widened, dedicated cutout for them. 

No official instructions are available at this time, but there is plenty of information and help on SFF forum or my Discord for brickless builds.

Happy modding!

By popular quest, I now have a pre-wired version for the HDPLEX 400 AC (Summer 2019).

  • Rated up to 625w. (2.5 A, 250 V)

  • Requires soldering after install, unless ordering pre-wired version.

  • Prewired version shown in picture.

  • Electricity is dangerous! Mod at your own risk!

  • Purchase separately a “C5 AC Cord” for your country's socket.

  • PREWIRED is for the newer HDPLEX units. Check and see if your connectors match.

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