"DARK HORSE" (BLACK Powdercoat)


"DARK HORSE" (BLACK Powdercoat)

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Several months ago my friend's powdercoating business had to close. My panels were stuck in limbo. I was just told that I had the opportunity to get the panels powdercoated, and I am making the first move.

This upgrade is open to all those who pre-ordered the Run 3 MINI and who have not received their shipment information yet. Ordering this upgrade will turn your MINI with silver panels into one with a flat back panels with a 5% gloss. I should have pictures of the sample soon, but I only have placeholders due to me needing to take these orders as fast as possible so as not to suspend shipping.

If you have any questions, please email me. This price and offer is only available for a very limited amount of time and units!


  • This is a UPGRADE to your pre-order MINI.
  • You MUST have a MINI on pre-order to be eligible for this!
  • Pictures coming soon.
  • If you ordered a WOODEN BEZEL I don't think this color is a match. My personal opinion.
  • Orders will be painted next week!
  • This opportunity came as a surprise to me; I am sorry for those of you who would have liked this option but already had their MINIs shipped. I truly am! 
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